I was tasked with a documentation project regarding use of yum repositories inside a customer’s environment and realized that I was having a hard time finding exactly the information I needed to build the full test environment required to test the documentation.  What will follow is a series of posts covering information I had to research as background.


  1. Background, Terminology and repository basics
  2. Setting up a corporate yum repository mirror for bandwidth and staged update management
  3. Setting up a private repository for additional software


As a quick note up front, based on what I’ve learned, I can’t find a good reason to include the software from a private repository in the update management repository – just build a new repository.

PXE Booting – there are instructions here which will break a PXE Boot environment. Our lab doesn’t PXE or Net boot, so we haven’t tested against them, but a colleague assures me it won’t work.


The following posts were used to build this series. None of them was 100% what I needed, and no source had everything I needed in a single location, but they were all useful, and in no order at all: