aka: Technology by Voodoo, Information Technology by Voodoo, Troubleshooting by Voodoo, Administration by Voodoo, Troubleshooting by Faith, etc.

The act of “trusting” that a computer will do something every time the same way, only because it did the last 2 times you tried it.

The alternative is to actually learn what the computer is doing, so that you can know it will do the same thing each time, because you’ve controlled all of the appropriate parameters.

Usage: “This sysadmin is performing IT by Voodoo – he just asked if I have faith that my file copy will work.”

Now that it’s defined, can we all stop doing it?  There’s enough resources on the internet to figure out how anything works down to the API call at least, and in some cases down to the processor registers, if you care to go that far.