We had to emergency move some SQL Server service account mailboxes to a new Exchange server tonight, and dump all the mail in the mailboxes. Since doing that, some of the servers have been randomly failing SOME of their jobs – it looked exactly like the issue described in FIX: SQL Mail Procedures May Intermittently Fail with Error 0◊8004010f , but weíre running SQL 2000 SP4.

We fixed it by having the DBA run:

Then re-running the jobs. It seems to have worked, but Iím curious how we got hit by a fixed bug. My only thought is that it must have something to do with SQL thinking we essentially truncated the mailbox.

On anonther note, Iím writing up full instructions for how to change the IP on a DC, particularly for small offices with only 1 or 2 DCs.† Itíll post by end of the weekend.