I just finished my upgrade from Kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 this past week (since I had downtime from work, I could afford to break things for a few days).  The upgrade went great, and I’ll write about it shortly, once I get used to the newness.

Anyways; Workstation 6.5 has been giving me problems.  Because of the newness of KDE4, I initially thought it was a KDE problem, but it turns out it’s something between Workstation 6.5 and Ubuntu 8.10.  I just ran the “adapt –dist-upgrade-devel” command from the Ubuntu wiki to upgrade, and upon reboot, I couldn’t “ctrl-alt-ins” or “ctrl-alt-del” to log into my Windows VM, my “Windows/Start” key on the keyboard wouldn’t respond, and my arrow keys wouldn’t work.  Incredibly, when I’d hit the “down” arrow, I’d get the Windows Start menu pop up!!

Fix is easy, edit /etc/vmware/config and add the line below like:

sudo vim /etc/vmware/config
A (that's vi-command for "go to the end of the file, and start writing a new line")
xkeymap.nokeycodeMap = true

Have to restart your VMs for this change to take effect. Thanks to Duncan Epping for this fix (he posted it in the forums, where I found it).